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Celebrate National Tequila Day with a Spicy Jawn at Stratus Lounge

Spicy Jawn_Stratus Lounge

The Spicy Jawn by Mirek Struniaski

Today is National Tequila Day, and Stratus Lounge thinks the best way to celebrate is with Philly inspired cocktail in hand – on a rooftop of course.

The Spicy Jawn ($14) combines heat from serrano infused tequila with a touch of sweetness from melon syrup, rounded out with sour lime juice. Here is the recipe below:

Spicy Jawn

Courtesy of Cocktail Specialist Mirek Struniaski

  • 1.5oz serrano infused Herradura Blanco Tequila

  • .75oz Lime Juice

  • .75oz Melon Syrup

  • Tajin

  • Lime wheels, for garnish

Infused Tequila Recipe

For every 1 liter bottle of blanco tequila, 6 serrano peppers are sliced and allowed to infuse into the tequila in a separate container for 48 hours at room temperature. After infusion time is complete, the strain off peppers and bottle. Must be kept cold.


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