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Jet Wine Bar Toasts to Seven Years with Week-Long Celebration

Jet Wine Bar, Philadelphia’s “global vineyard,” is toasting to seven years with a weeklong celebration chock-full of vintage wines from 2010 (the year Jet Wine Bar opened), food specials, Back to the Future-themed cocktails, time travel movies and TV shows, an “old school” wine tasting, and a throwback polaroid exhibition from Friday, November 10 to Thursday, Nov 16.

Guests will be transported back to the year Jet Wine Bar opened its doors with a selection of 2010 vintage red and white wines – available all week. The wines range from Riesling to Rioja, Serbia to South Africa, and $9-$16 a glass, including Riesling, Vino Budimir Margus Margi (Serbia), Tempranillo Vino Eguia Reserva (Spain), Montepulciano Valle Reale (Italy), and more.

Guests can also imbibe on two feature cocktails, The Flux Capacitor ($9) served with vodka, lime, Crème de Violette, mint and Great Scott! ($9) served with scotch, vermouth, bitters and orange peel. Both cocktails will be available all week.

Chef Yasi Sapp will be serving up food specials, including The Delorean Pizza ($12), served with green peppers, capicola, fresh mozzarella and garlic-tomato sauce on house-made dough; Nobody-Calls-Me-Chicken Wings ($11), brined chicken wings, slow roasted and tossed in orange chipotle sauce; and Outathyme Hummus Plate ($8), lemon-thyme hummus with fresh veggies and toasted pita.

Jet Wine Bar will play time travel movies and TV shows on loop all week, transporting guests back in time, think Twilight ZoneQuantum LeapStar TrekDr. WhoBack to the Future, and more!

During the special anniversary week, Weber will host Wine Tasting for Thanksgiving: Return to the Roost on Tuesday, November 14, an “old school” Thanksgiving wine tasting featuring old vines, old techniques, old families and old grapes. The featured wines pair perfectly with traditional Thanksgiving food, stand up to a modern or old-fashioned Thanksgiving dinner and are available for purchase by the bottle. Tickets are $35 and can be purchased here.

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