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Top 3 Rittenhouse Square Restaurants

This guest post was submitted by Sharon Woo of Rittenhouse Girl.

The Dandelion Rittenhouse

[Credit: Sharon Woo]

Rittenhouse Square is the Philadelphia neighborhood notorious for its elegant restaurants, beautiful architecture, and shopping. One of the things that inspired me to create my blog is the amazing energy that this neighborhood gives off. Discovering the restaurants here is one of my favorite things to do on the weekends, so I’m really excited to share with you guys what my favorite places are.

  • The Dandelion. If you’re in the mood for some British cuisine, this is going to be the place you want to try. First off, I have to say that I love the ambiance that this place gives off; it’s like you’re in an English pub, but it’s also very chic with a modern twist to it. You can go straight to the bar area, or have a nice sit-down dinner for the more intimate occasions. So let’s get to the important stuff; the food here is amazing. I usually get the Dandelion Salad with added Salmon. This is the typical Rittenhouse Square restaurant that would be recommended to you, but there’s a reason for that. I usually come here for brunch on weekdays when I want something simple while not compromising quality and ambiance.

  • V Street. This restaurant is targeted to the vegans out there, even though every dish will please a meat-lover. The staff is so helpful in choosing something you’ll love. The unique blend of ingredients in every dish will not disappoint you, and I can vouch for that because every meal I’ve eaten here was amazing. This is the perfect place to go when you’re with friends, want to try something new, and want a simple lunch.

  • Lacroix Restaurant at The Rittenhouse. If you’re looking for something more upscale and elegant, this is where you’ll want to try. This restaurant is perfect whether you’re having Sunday brunch with family, lunch or dinner with your girlfriends, or an afternoon tea with a special someone. When you come here, you can get the full service with amuse-bouche, Course 1, Course 2, Course 3, main course, palate cleanser, and dessert. To make things better, the service is impeccable and will leave you feeling like you’ve been dining at the restaurant for years. Out of all the restaurants on this list, if your budget allows, you definitely should try this place.

It’s hard to choose only three restaurants because the dining scene in Rittenhouse Square is just marvelous. But if you haven’t visited all three of these places, they’re where you should start in order to get a taste of what this sophisticated neighborhood has to offer. Make sure to leave a comment down below of some Rittenhouse Square restaurants that you love, or are a regular visitor too!

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