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Do you want to write about the Philadelphia dining scene? Would you like to feature a product? Do you want to cover an event or dinner invitation? Or perhaps you have another idea for a guest blog post?

We’d love to hear from you.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Length of blog post should be between 500-750 words. Longer is OK, too. Just don’t write a novel.

  • Blog post should not be duplicated from another source. Please re-write if you are re-using content from a blog elsewhere.

  • Blog post should contain at least one image.

  • Please reference any sources (source links are acceptable).

  • Any guest blogs deemed “spammy” will not be approved.

  • Author information and bio is encouraged.

  • Author social media profiles are encouraged. Please provide your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. links.

  • Author should promote blog post on their own social media profiles.

Please note all guest blogs are subject to final editing by Philly Grub. We reserve the right to edit posts for clarity, grammar, voice and relevance. Press releases and pitches are welcome as usual, but should be purposed into a blog-friendly post and may be subject to a sponsored post fee.

Submission Instructions:

  • Send Philly Grub your article, including images, to or click here to contact us.

  • You’ll receive an email within three-five business days accepting or denying the guest post with comments.

  • Publication dates will be based on Philly Grub’s editorial calendar.

Thank you for interest in guest blogging or providing a sponsored article for Philly Grub. We look forward to hearing from you.

4 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers/Writers Wanted

    • Wow, Monique. I couldn’t agree more. There are dog-friendly dining establishments in Philadelphia. Most of those venues have outdoor dining which isn’t conducive in the colder weather months, of course.

  1. I have photos of dogs tethers to poles while owners dines in restaurant. A friend walked into a restaurant and blurt, “Who’s the idiot that left their dog near the curve to get hit by a car? freeze on concrete? Heat stroke by sun….?”

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