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Weckerly’s Ice Cream to Release “The Creature” Limited-Edition Ice Cream Sandwich

Weckerly's Halloween Ice Cream Sandwich

“The Creature” [Credit: Bondfire Media]

It’s probably safe to say that everyone’s favorite memory of Halloween is sorting through a bag of hard-earned goodies, tossing aside bubblegum and pennies, and digging for the good stuff. Feeling nostalgic, the mischievous staff at Weckerly’s Ice Cream, the Philadelphia-based micro-creamery, stirred up a devilish treat.

Beginning Friday, October 27, in the spirit of the holiday and embracing the unusual, Weckerly’s will introduce “The Creature,” a limited-edition ice cream sandwich to celebrate the ghoulish season (photo attached). Drawing on inspiration from Frankenstein’s Monster, only appropriate for a creamery that operates out of a former laboratory, this special sandwich gets its name from the variety of tasty parts “sewn” together.

Sandwiched between a chocolate cookie and a butterscotch cookie is pumpkin caramel ice cream topped with dark chocolate peanut butter ganache and chocolate ice cream with “cookies & cream” marshmallow swirl topped with peanut butter icing, and a thin square of waffle cone separating each layer.

“The Creature” sandwich ($5), enveloped in festive foil wrapping, will be available at the Weckerly’s Ice Cream shop, located at 9 West Girard Avenue in the city’s Fishtown neighborhood, as well as wherever Weckerly’s products are sold. A full list of vendors can be found by visiting their website at

To make a sweet treat even sweeter, 36 of these “Creature” sandwiches will be dipped in chocolate and guests who unwrap these special chocolate-covered sandwiches will find a gift card to enjoy at the Weckerly’s Ice Cream shop.

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