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True Food Kitchen: A Truly Unique Dining Experience in King of Prussia

This review was submitted by suburban field reporter Deanne Ross.

If you haven’t visited the King of Prussia area lately, you are definitely missing out. The area is BOOMING with new restaurants and businesses. One of the newest additions to the restaurant landscape is True Food Kitchen. It is located on the backside of the King of Prussia Mall across the parking lot from the old JC Penney and next to the free-standing Shake Shack.

True Food Kitchen King of Prussia Be True

True Food Kitchen King of Prussia [Credit: Deanne Ross]

True Food Kitchen offers a unique dining experience in the King of Prussia restaurant scene as they address many dietary needs that often go overlooked by other restaurants. The first thing I noticed upon entering True Food Kitchen was the open floor plan. It was light, bright and decorated with plants and greenery around the restaurant. A definite eye catcher was the giant words BE TRUE on the wall decorated with greenery. I also immediately noticed the open kitchen as well. This allows you to see where the magic happens. True Food Kitchen has a hip & modern vibe to it.

True Food Kitchen King of Prussia Winter Squash Toast

True Food Kitchen Winter Squash Toast [Credit: Deanne Ross]

My dining companion and I started our experience at True Food with a seasonal vegan appetizer, Winter Squash Toast. When the toast arrived at the table, I was impressed by the presentation. I hoped it was going to taste as good as it looked on the dish. Thankfully, that came to be true. Brussels sprouts, caramelized onion, lemon & saba on crispy grilled bread topped with crunchy hazelnuts. This was the most perfect appetizer for the fall season and it paired well with a glass of Farmers Market Sangria.

True Food Kitchen King of Prussia Sangria

True Food Kitchen Farmers Market Sangria [Credit: Deanne Ross]

The sangria is made with organic red wine, spiced brandy, lime and orange. The flavors paired together well to create a smooth and flavorful cocktail. All the flavors of fall right in the very first course.

True Food Kitchen King of Prussia Hangover RX

True Food Kitchen Hangover RX [Credit: Deanne Ross]

My dining companion enjoyed a non-alcoholic beverage called the Hangover RX. In lieu of traditional sodas, True Food offers house-made beverages from their scratch bar. The Hangover is made with pineapple, orange, honey, and coconut water. It was a light, healthy, and refreshing elixir. It was so delicious that we ordered an additional one during our dinner.

True Food Kitchen King of Prussia Fennel Chicken Sausage Pizza

True Food Kitchen Fennel Chicken Sausage Pizza [Credit: Deanne Ross]

For the main course, I ordered a Fennel Chicken Sausage Pizza. I decided to go with this as my entrée because the crust is made fresh in-house. The pizza toppings included organic tomato sauce, roasted fennel, chicken sausage, and scamorza cheese. The size of the pizza was that of a personal sized pizza however, it was large enough that I ended up being able to share with my dining companion. I knew I was in for a treat as soon as the pizza arrived at our table. I could smell the roasted fennel and the cheese was perfectly browned and gooey goodness. The fresh, house-made crust did not disappoint. It had a nice crunch and chew to it. I am usually not a fan of thin, crisp crust pizza. The thickness and texture of this crust was perfect for my liking. I was also impressed by the use of scamorza cheese. The pizza was delicious.

ue Food Kitchen King of Prussia Lasagna Bolognese

True Food Kitchen Lasagna Bolognese [Credit: Deanne Ross]

My dining companion ordered the Lasagna Bolognese. The pasta is made fresh in-house. You can never go wrong with fresh pasta. The dish was gluten free and contained fennel chicken sausage, mushroom, spinach, lemon ricotta, and herbs. The bolognese sauce was meaty and flavorful. The pasta was light, fresh, and cooked to perfection. A hint of lemon in the ricotta was a fantastic touch as well.

True Food Kitchen King of Prussia Squash Pie

True Food Kitchen Squash Pie [Credit: Deanne Ross]

By the time I finished my meal (and part of my dining companion’s meal), I truly did not have room for dessert. However, when I heard about the seasonal dessert that was offered, I miraculously had room. Move over pumpkin pie, squash pie is at True Food Kitchen. True Food’s Squash Pie features a gluten-free and vegan graham crust and is topped with coconut whipped cream. This is the ultimate fall dessert. The filling was creamy with notes of allspice. The crust was crumbly and tasty. A dollop of coconut whipped cream was the perfect topping for this tasty pie.

True Food Kitchen’s menu offers options for every food preference and places an emphasis on healthy food options and seasonal ingredients. The menu rotates and is based on the current season. If you have dietary restrictions/requirements, True Food Kitchen offers naturally organic, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian dishes. It is rare to find a restaurant that offers “healthy” food options that also taste great. True Food does this well. True Food Kitchen definitely offers a unique dining option in the King of Prussia area.

Thank you to True Food Kitchen for arranging our visit. As always, our opinions are our own.

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