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New Urban Farm Concept, Invincible City Farms, Unveiled in Camden

Invincible City Farms (ICF) unveiled their modern Urban Farm concept as well as kicked off their community crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on Friday, August 11, with a reception held at the City Invincible Building on the Camden waterfront.

Guest enjoyed delicious healthy foods prepared by former chef and Invincible City Farms founder, Fredric Byarm. Fredric introduced the innovative concept to guests while explaining that the solution to food insecurity and putting an end to food deserts in urban areas like Chicago, New York, Detroit and Camden, NJ, is a localized food system providing not only healthy food items but jobs at a living wage.

Fredric Byarm

“Our impoverished communities need food independence and employment,” says Byarm. “Invincible City Farms has realized that expanding disposable income within the community, along with access and education is the path forward to the demise food deserts.

Invincible City Farms

This unique mixed-use farm concept is gaining support and excitement from the NJ local and statewide business community. Beth Filla, of the UCEDC, a statewide, not-for-profit economic development corporation, states: “In addition to creating an innovative, locally sourced solution to Camden’s food desert problem, Invincible City Farms will create job opportunities for city residents, including those who are traditionally the least hirable. This smart concept comes from Camden and is designed specifically to serve Camden—as it is today and as it will be throughout this exciting period of growth and renewal.”

Invincible City Farms aims to bring to the marketplace (6) key elements of a food system: (1) Urban Farm (2) Local Food Hub (3) Local Food Processor (4) Retail: Farm Market/Grocery Store (5) Community Engagement/Mixed-Use and (6) Food Waste Control. Talks with developers are currently in progress, and the ICF team is looking to announce their developer partner by this December.

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