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Han Dynasty Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Free Dan Dan Noodles*

DanDanCare for CHOP

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Actually, those free Han Dynasty Dan Dan noodles are for anyone without health insurance and only at the Old City location at 123 Chestnut Street.

This is also an opportunity for the restaurant to give back. They’ve opened a donation page for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The promotion was scheduled to end on Sunday, 5/28 however; it is theirĀ goal to extend the promotion for at least one solid month. If they can get more people to donate 10k to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, they will extend the DANDANCARE promotion a week; 25k for two weeks and 50k for one month.

Han Dynasty does not require legal proof from uninsured guests; customers simply must inform them upon arrival. They promise to take their word for it and provide the noodles for free limited to one party per week.

Noodles for the uninsured and CHOP gets donations. If that doesn’t make you feel good, what does?

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