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This Just In: Complimentary S’mores at Hawthorne’s!


To commemorate seven years in business at Hawthornes Cafe, owners Chris Fetfatzes and Heather Annechiarico will be giving away complimentary s’mores from their new s’mores menu to all customers today at the restaurant, located at 736 South 11th Street in Philadelphia’s Bella Vista neighborhood.

On December 20th, a “S’mores Station” will be positioned by the restaurant’s fireplace, where a “s’more-ellier” will roast marshmallows and place the soft, sweet treats between customers’ graham crackers and chocolate of choice. Hawthornes will be offering five different varieties of chocolate to choose from, as well as five seasonal beers, which are priced separately and paired specifically with each s’mores option.

The s’mores menu includes:

  • “The OG,” which features classic milk chocolate while paired with Russian River Pliny the Elder (8.0% ABV)

  • “Miss Patty,” featuring homemade peppermint bark and paired with Saranac Cold Brew Coffee Lager (5.2%)

  • “Here Comes the Hotstepper,” with La Colombe espresso & mint paired with Stove Xocoveza (8.1%)

  • “Hot Dawg,” which includes spicy chocolate and paired with Lagunitas NightTime Ale (8.2%)

  • “Ape S!*t,” which features candied bacon & banana chocolate and paired with Dock Street Satellite Espresso Stout (5.5%)

All s’mores are priced at $6 apiece, or two for $10. Larger parties can also order the “S’more Everything!,” which features all five variations for just $20. All the beer pairings are recommended, but guests may choose from any selection of the five beers on the menu, as well as the 700-plus beers on-hand at Hawthornes.

“The community has been so great to us over the past seven years, so we wanted to thank everyone for their loyalty and patronage,” said Fetfatzes. “In the winter, there’s nothing better than sitting by the fireplace and eating s’mores, and many of our winter beers pair perfectly with them, so we figured we’d turn our small lounge area into something more festive while giving back to our loyal customers.”

Hawthornes Cafe is owned and operated by Fetfatzes and Annechiarico, the couple behind Tio Flores, The Cambridge and Quick Sip delivery service. Hawthornes serves weekday breakfast and weekend brunch, as well as lunch and dinner six days a week. Learn more by visiting

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