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The Turducken Sandwich Returns to Jake’s Sandwich Board

Yet another “food holiday” is upon us, but this one should be near and dear to hungry Philadelphians: National Sandwich Day!

I’m here to say move over cheesesteaks and roast pork —

meet The Turducken Sandwich! 😍😍😍

The Turducken Sandwich at Jake's Sandwich Board

Your new favorite sandwich: THE TURDUCKEN at Jake’s Sandwich Board.

This seasonal favorite consists of slow roasted turkey, chicken, duck, and sausage with cranberry-apple spread and topped with savory brown gravy and crispy hashbrowns. UH, YES PLEASE! 😋😋😋

In honor of National Sandwich Day, they are offering free fries and a drink with every Turducken sandwich purchase! 🍟🍴

Take yourself to Jake’s Sandwich Board at 122 S 12th St. (12th & Sansom) in Center City or 125 S 40th St. (40th & Sansom) in University City to get acquainted with your new favorite sandwich, pronto.

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