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Chinatown’s Yè Shì Night Market

Yes Shi Night Market Chinatown

Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation will host Yè Shì the sixth Chinatown night market event on October 13, 2016, from 7 to 11pm.

Over 60 vendors are participating, including local restaurants and businesses. With the main performance stage situated under the China Friendship Gate at 10th and Arch Streets, expectations are that 25,000 attendees will come to experience the unique culture and flavor of Chinatown. Yè Shì will feature not only Philadelphia’s most beloved food trucks, but also a curated lineup of vendors offering traditional and fusion Asian delicacies. Tango, Yakitori Boy, Pho 20, and Vivi Bubble Tea return to represent Chinatown’s fresh and innovative food scene. New local additions this year include Bar-Ly, Sakura Mandarin, Canton 11, and Teassert’s Royal Tea truck.

“Yè Shì” is the Chinese pinying for “night markets,” which are nighttime street festivals that originated in East and Southeast Asia. Chinatown’s night market was re-branded last year out of a “desire to go back to our roots and celebrate our unique Asian food heritage,” say John Chin, PCDC Executive Director. PCDC, Chinatown’s nonprofit community organization since 1966, designed the event with local restaurants, small business owners, and residents in mind.

The event will create economic opportunities for the Chinatown commercial corridor, which is integral to this low-income community where many immigrant families work, live, and own businesses. The Yè Shì is part of PCDC’s Main Street Program, whose purpose is to draw more visitors to Chinatown, and build capacity for small businesses and entrepreneurs in Chinatown. It provides exposure for small businesses, provides job training opportunities, and connects successful participants to larger citywide venues.

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