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How Chef Brad Spence and LocalStove Are Support Veterans with Boxing and Biscotti

LocalStove, a new Philly-based startup, and Chef Brad Spence have partnered to sell his world-famous biscotti to raise funds for his charity, Fatback Boxing.

Chef Brad Spence Fatback Biscotti

Fatback Boxing’s mission is to help support veterans through boxing training, healthy eating and well-being programs.

All proceeds will go directly to the foundation. LocalStove, as well as Tito’s Homemade Vodka will even match donations in kind. So, for every $5 bag of biscotti ordered, $15 will go directly to critical services for veterans.

Donors can purchase bags of biscotti at, either on its own or as an add-on to any LocalStove delivery order. They are available for pickup or delivery for a small fee.

LocalStove operates a website to discover and order healthy, homemade meals prepared by talented local cooks throughout Philadelphia. Adding Spence’s biscotti to LocalStove’s platform, allowed him a simple way to facilitate donations, offer delivery and spread the word to as many people as possible.

“At LocalStove, we were immediately drawn to Fatback Boxing’s mission — helping veterans achieve a healthy lifestyle through fitness, food education and community support — so we jumped at the chance to get involved,” said Greg Dubin, one of LocalStove’s co-founders.

Chef Brad Spence explained, “[We’re] one big community. We’re boxing, we’re learning about food, we’re learning about cooking. Food and boxing go hand and hand.”

Spence credits boxing with changing his life. The physical and mental workout provided through boxing allowed Brad to drop significant weight and form a new mentality. The feeling that boxing gave to Brad was so fulfilling and invigorating that he wanted others to benefit from it as well.

Chef Brad Spence

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