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New Jersey’s Blue Freckle Bakery Launches

Blue Freckle Bakery launches its anticipated collection of handcrafted deluxe cookies with flash sale starting at midnight, August 21.

Blue Freckle is the creation of Kelly Knauss, lawyer turned baker, from Lebanon, NJ.

We previewed the cookies and think you should give them a try!

Blue Freckle Cookies

Blue Freckle Cookies

Blue Freckle Bakery Cocoa Mojos

Blue Freckle Bakery Cocoa Mojos Cookies

Blue Freckle Cookies Freckle's Mac Attacks

Blue Freckle Bakery Freckle’s Mac Attacks Cookies

Blue Freckle Bakery Lola's Disco Butter

Blue Freckle Bakery Lola’s Disco Butter Cookies

Only 1,000 cookies will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Order online now before they sell out!

Like Blue Freckle Bakery on Facebook to win prizes and get discounts.

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