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Zama Debuts Harry Potter Sushi

To celebrate the release of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Parts I & II, Zama, 128 South 19th Street will debut Harry Potter Sushi for one weekend Friday, July 29 through Sunday, July 31.

The four-sushi rolls have been created to represent the four houses of Hogwarts in the novel and will only be available during dinner service.

Saturday, July 30 will be the eve of the book’s release on Sunday, July 31, and Zama guests are encouraged to walk down the street after their dinner and partake in the Countdown to Midnight Magic, Harry Potter celebration at the Barnes & Noble at 18th and Walnut Streets. Starting at 8PM on Saturday evening, Barnes & Noble in Rittenhouse Square is hosting a special “Countdown to Midnight Party” celebrating the release of the new Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Attendees will find excitement through exploring their favorite Harry Potter memories and participating in amazing Harry Potter giveaways.

The Harry Potter rolls are as follows:

Gryffindor House Roll, $24.00

  • House Colors: Red and Gold

  • House Animal and Element: Lion and fire

  • Attributes: Brave, courageous, and daring.

  • Tuna wrapped California rolls, with snow crab, topped off with gold tobiko.

Zama Harry Potter Sushi Roll

Slytherin House Roll, $18.00

  • House Colors: Green and Silver

  • House Animal and Element: Snake and water

  • Attributes: Ambitious and cunning.

  • Crunchy Eel roll topped off with eel, with alternating green soy paper and silver diakon wraps.

Hufflepuff House Roll, $16.00

  • House Colors: Yellow and Black

  • House Animal and Element: Badger and Earth

  • Attributes: Hard working, with patience.

  • Tempura mushroom with truffle eel sauce roll, wrapped in yellow soy paper and topped with black tobiko.

Ravenclaw House Roll

  • House Colors: Blue and Bronze

  • House Animal and Element: Eagle and air

  • Attributes: Witty and wise.

  • Bronzizzle roll with crunchy blue corn tortilla chips, avocado and cucumber roll topped with bronzino and Japanese herb mix.

Zama Harry Potter Sushi Roll

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