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Yakitori Boy Offers Sushi and Sake Pairing for International Sushi Day

Sushi lovers take note!

International Sushi Day Yakitori Boy

On Saturday, June 18, Yakitori Boy will be celebrating International Sushi Day.

To kick off this flavorful and fresh day, Yakitori Boy is offering a special sushi and sake pairing which will be good through Saturday, June 25. For only $35, patrons will be able to pair Yakitori Boy’s freshest sushi platters with several selections of their most popular sake.

The menu will feature:

  • A Sushi Medley – salmon, tuna, and eel nigiri;

  • Scallop Ceviche – fresh scallops, a hint of citrus juice, tossed in tobiko;

  • Tuna Tataki – wasabi encrusted tuna, topped with masago, wasabi tobiko, over a shiso leaf;

  • He Roll – This popular sushi roll is a California roll base topped with torched salmon and scallops, sprinkled with tempura crunch and tobiko with eel sauce and spicy mayo drizzle.

 Sake Special at Yakitori Boy

Sake options will include:

  • Gekkeikan Traditional – a herbaceous sake with hints of grapefruit and a light earthiness;

  • Suishin Junmai “Drunken Heart” – a robust sake full of sweetness wrapped by rich, fresh acidity and is smooth and light on the palate;

  • Mizunoshirabe Junmai Ginjo “Sound of Water” – a Kyoto aake that is light and creamy, and has a really superb nose filled with hints of peaches, grapes, and persimmons with an undercurrent of minerals and green grasses.

Yakitori Boy, Philadelphia’s only authentic Izakaya, is located at 211 North 11th Street in Chinatown. Hours are 5PM-2AM daily.

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