Local Philly Hero featured on Meals Ready To Eat with Host August Dannehl

Meals Ready To Eat host August Dannehl recently visited Philly to spotlight hero firefighter and Marine Veteran Bill Joerger

August Dannehl and Bill Joerger

August Dannehl of Meals Ready to Eat and Bill Joerger, Marine Veteran, and Philly Firefighter

Bill Joerger is a Marine veteran, Philly firefighter and resident gourmand among his family and fellow firemen. After the military, Bill went back home to Philly and, using his inclination for bravery, joined the Fire Department in South Philly.

His training was complicated by a serious open heart surgery that put him in the hospital for three months. He used this time bound to a hospital bed to hone his love for food and cooking as he watched one cooking show after the other. Now, in full health he cooks amazing four course meals for his family and team at the fire house.

I sent some questions to Bill and he returned these answers:

Philly Grub: What are your favorite meals to make for your family? For the fire house?

Bill Joreger: I don’t really have a favorite meal to make. I usually try something different every time but if I had to pick one I would say some kind of soup or chowder. It’s such a good comfort food and it holds up great in the firehouse if we have a busy day.

PG: What are your favorite/preferred ingredients?

BJ: I have a few ingredients I love to use, fresh cilantro, pickled red onions, ginger. And all types of vinegars.

PG: What is your favorite/preferred cuisines?

BJ: This is a very tough question to answer but I would say any kind of steakhouse style (Meat and potatoes).

PG: Do you have any aspirations to ever open your own food business?

BJ: Of course there is always a thought of having my own restaurant. I love cooking for people and seeing how much they enjoy my food but the reality of how tough it is to own your own restaurant always keeps me in check. You never know what the future holds. 

PG: What are you favorite restaurants in the city or dining destinations?

BJ: It is very rare that I go out to restaurants, only because I love to cook gourmet at home for my family. I love having my daughters cook with me but the times I do go out I will try something new. I am always open to trying a different restaurant.  

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