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Wheel of Fortune to Celebrate Philadelphia (and its food) as a “Great American City”

Wheel of Fortune is doing a week of shows featuring Philadelphia (May 16-20) as part of their great American Cities series

Wheel of Fortune Great American City Philadelphia

Photo: Carol Kaelson

The show will be all about Philly. All 15 contestants are from Philly, the set is all Philly, the puzzles are Philly, the “wraps” are all Philly, and they brought 50 Philly folks out to LA, where they shot the actual show.

Wheel of Fortune Philadelphia Pat and Vanna

Photo: Carol Kaelson

As background, Pat and Vanna shot scenes in Philly last year in the Ben Franklin Parkway, the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Society Hill, the Philadelphia Museum of Art. the Zoo, Reading Market, murals, and more.

They also visited some restaurants including East Passyunk’s Townsend, Pat’s Steaks, Geno’s Steaks, Ralph’s Italian Restaurant, and Bing Bing Dim Sum.

One thought on “Wheel of Fortune to Celebrate Philadelphia (and its food) as a “Great American City”

  1. I must admit, I’m not normally a Wheel of Fortune watcher; however I’ll give them kudos for selecting such a great city to broadcast from;;; I will definitely put WoF on next week- to see how Philly comes across – Thanks for the heads up!

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