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SouthGate in Graduate Hosptial Readies Korean-Inspired Brunch

New Brunch with Korean Flavors Kicks Off This Weekend at SouthGate

SouthGate Philly

Owner Peter Hwang of SouthGate, located at 1801 Lombard Street in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood, reached out to let me know that they will be offering brunch this weekend.

He says, “While Koreans don’t typically have brunch like we do in America here, they do love putting eggs on stuff!” Well, okay then!

Highlights of the menu include:

Short Rib Loco Moco

Short Rib Loco Moco

Short Rib Loco Moco

Kimchi Poutine (served in a hot stone bowl)

Kimchi Poutine SouthGate Philly

Kimchi Poutine

They’ll also have a brunch cocktail list featuring a kimchi bloody mary, made with house kimchi and hot pepper infused soju — oh my!!

Kimchi Bloody Mary

Kimchi Bloody Mary

Here’s the scoop on the full brunch menu…

Small plates

Kimchi deviled eggs 4
deviled eggs, kimchi, yuzu salt, fresh tarragon

Korean sweet potato home fries  4
caramelized onions, chili peppers, dill

spam a la plancha 4
hollandaise, house made hot sauce

Large plates

katsu burger 14
panko breaded beef, gochujang aioli, romaine, house fries with sweet chili sauce

korean fried chicken and waffles 12
fried chicken wings, green tea belgian waffles, citrus chili syrup and honey butter

Short Rib Loco Moco 15
braised short rib, poached eggs, fried shallots, white rice

Kimchi Poutine 10
spicy fries, cheese curds, kimchi, pickled chili, smoked bacon vinaigrette


Kimchi Bloody Mary 9
tomato juice, vodka, kimchi, pickled celery/daikon, shot of housemade spicy soju

Mimosa 8
prosecco, orange juice

white sangria 8
white wine, mirin, laird’s apple brandy, triple sec, fruit

red sangria 8
red wine, plum fuki, brandy, triple sec, fruit

Korean 76 11
prosecco, soju, lemon, honey

Smokey The Pear 12
soju, pear liqueur, prosecco, mezcal, lemon, honey

Southgate Shandy 9
soju, lemon, citron tea, beer

We are so going to this. If you make it before we do, let us know your thoughts!!

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