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Chloe Johnston and Chef Michele Haines Celebrate French Moroccan Cuisine

Chloe Johnston Experiences Celebrates French Moroccan Cuisine With Chef Michele Haines

Chef and restaurateur, Michele Haines, will be opening up her home to guests for a luxurious and interactive meal while celebrating French designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Chloe Johnston and Michelle Haines Moroccan Dinner

Guests will experience a multi-course French Moroccan meal that includes sweet and savory crepes, all while delighting in Haines’ renowned storytelling skills. Enjoy an absinthe tasting with the chef and have a lively discussion of French designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Early access tickets are sold out, but there are 3 remaining tickets at $175/piece left. So if this has you all over it, grab a ticket while you can!

Menu is below:

Chloe Johnston Michele Haines Event

Haines owns and operates Spring Mill Cafe, located just outside of Conshohocken. A master of both the culinary and fine arts, she is also renowned for her lively storytelling skills. This is an incredible opportunity to meet one of Philadelphia’s most spirited chefs and to discover the harmony of French Moroccan dishes.

Michele Haines of Spring Mill Cafe

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