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Villanova’s Good Luck Foods?

veggie fried rice villanova grubhub

As Villanova and Oklahoma gear up for arguably the biggest college basketball game of the year, Saturday, Grubhub wanted to make sure that notoriously superstitious college hoops fans had every advantage.

They pulled from their enormous database to bring you Villanova’s Good Luck Foods. These dishes spiked (a lot!) on the days when Villanova won this season, so any diehard fan would be smart to order up some Veggie Fried Rice if they want to see the Wildcats in the final.

Villanova Good Luck Foods:

  1. Orders of vegetable fried rice spiked 64.7% on days when Villanova won
  2. Orders of sweet potato roll spiked 42.3%
  3. Orders of cheese whiz fries spiked 37.2%

Some places to get veggie fried rice in Philadelphia via Grubhub:

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