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East Coast Wings Insanity Chicken Wing Roulette Challenge

Philly Grub Field Correspondent Kory Chester and 2 friends recently participated in the East Coast Wings Insanity Chicken Wing Roulette Challenge at the Port Richmond location in Philadelphia.

The #InsanitySweeps game was simple—a single wing of the hottest five heat indexes are placed in bowls surrounding a spinner. Each participant took turns spinning and the winner—or loser—ends up with the insanity wing with a heat intensity of 2 million Scoville units.

Kory and his friends were brave enough to take the heat for this challenge and here’s the story of how it all went down at East Coast Wings.

East Coast Wings Insanity Sweeps Chicken Wing Roulette Challenge


Upon entering the restaurant (located at Aramingo Super Center 2539 Castor Avenue), you cannot help but feel good vibes and instantly be hit with the aroma of good food. The restaurant is very spacious (even though the place was not packed on a Tuesday night) and has an overall modern sports bar feel.


Energetic, courteous, and attentive staff greet you as soon as you enter. The Bar/Management staff made us feel very welcomed, informed us about the company, and even introduced us to the owners. This place is much better than any other wing chain in my opinion i.e. Buffalo Wild Wings.

The bartenders gave us the run down on local craft beers that were on draft, and listed the menu and drink specials that were available that evening. In my opinion, the staff can make or break a restaurant. If the service is poor, you may never wish to return; in this case, the staff is stellar and really go out of their way to ensure all needs are met and you’re taken care of. This kind of service is the mark of a well-run restaurant and will make you want to go back. I know my friends and I will.


My two friends and I participated in the Insanity Wing Roulette. We each filled out a waiver and were offered gloves, a cup of milk, and explicit instructions to wash our hands twice prior to leaving.

East Coast Wings Chicken Wings

Great wings at East Coast Wings in Port Richmond!

The roulette began with my one friend getting a non-spicy wing; the next friend received the second spiciest wing. On my turn, as soon as I tasted my wing, I knew immediately that I had the insanity wing.

The insanity wing is a wing dressed in a signature sauce with a blend of spicy chilies and ghost peppers.  Though I tried to stay calm, my body was lava on the inside. Once the insanity wing is received the challenge is pretty much over. It’s just to see how much agony one human can willingly endure!

About 10 minutes after consuming that wing, I was in pain. I broke out in sweats and had to roll the windows down for cool air the entire ride home; however, I have to give credit to East Coast Wings for maintaining a spicy wing without losing any flavor. Most places try to over-spice things, leaving you with an extremely hot chemical-tasting wing.

I recommend East Coast Wings, especially for groups of friends. They have great bone-in wings, excellent service, and it offers a unique experience. The hundreds of sauces, inviting staff, entertainment-filled atmosphere, and good food are definitely worth the try.

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