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P’unk Burger Celebrates 1 Year with Decadent Birthday Shakes

P’unk Burger, at 1823 East Passyunk, will celebrate their first birthday by giving away FREE cake shakes on Friday, February 12, 2016, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.

Punk Burger Birthday Shake and Cupcakes

Raspberry Red Velvet Spodee Shake & Birthday Cake with Sweet Box Cupcakes

Last year, on Valentine’s Weekend, Marlo and Jason Dilks (also owners of SliCE) opened East Passyunk’s organic burger, fries and shake BYO. One year later, the couple celebrate their first year in business by partnering with Sweet Box Cupcakes (339 S. 13th Street) for a free shake giveaway!

Customers will enjoy a free limited edition P’unk and Sweet Box collaboration – a Raspberry Red Velvet Spodee shake made with Sweet Box’s signature cupcakes. The shake will be free Friday, but you can also purchase this decadent option during the rest of Valentine’s Weekend.

Punk Burger Birthday Shakes and Cupcakes

Raspberry Red Velvet Spodee Shake & Birthday Cake with Sweet Box Cupcakes

P’unk Burger will also offer a “Birthday Cake Shake” with buttercream, candy pieces and cake batter ice cream. This alcohol-free cake shake is perfect for the mini-moos!

Shakes are one per person, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Dine-in only.

During the celebration, all organic build-your-own beef burgers will be $5.00 each and fries will be discounted to $1.00. All other items are one dollar off in honor of one year.

In addition to the Friday giveaway, P’unk Burger will also have other specials for Valentine’s Weekend, including Raspberry Red Velvet Spodee shakes available for sale on February 1314th, plus Box of Chocolates shakes made with Little Baby’s Ice Cream. The new Alpine Burger will also debut with sauteed portobello, swiss cheese and house garlic mayo.

Since opening, P’unk Burger has provided East Passyunk and South Philly with a healthier alternative for families that want to enjoy a burger and shake, but who also want to eat better and care about what they put into their bodies. Since opening, P’unk Burger has sold over 25,000 burgers, 10,000 shakes (including shakes made with Little Babies Ice Cream) and 10,000 lbs of fries.

Happy Birthday P’unk Burger!

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