Introducing Arctic Trash Talk, Fishtown Hipster Humor Webseries

Arctic Trash Talk

So, I get this email last night introducing me to something called Arctic Trash Talk. Without even opening it, I knew it was about Philadelphia’s favorite iced tea; or more specifically, Fishtown’s signature beverage, good old Arctic Splash which is distributed by Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms locally.

In their introduction, they inform me that they have produced their first “webisode” centered around the beloved beverage and its adventures in Fishtown, which has an “over abundance of pizza places.” That’s a true fact. Anyways, they further explain…

The webseries is a snide social commentary on the people, places, and things that make Fishtown….well Fishtown. But this time its from the perspective of the discarded Arctic Splash® cartons that cover our town. We see and hear more than you’d think, and it’s about time our voice is heard!

They linked to the webisode on their YouTube channel, so I checked it out. Welp, if you like dry, sophomoric comedy or into jokes and stereotypes about the 19125, you’ll probably get a kick out of it.

Watch and judge for yourselves.

I’m sharing because it’s local and mentions food & drink; including a list of all the pizza shops in Fishtown, in case you were wondering. If you’re looking for a review, check out Riot Nerd’s take on it. Otherwise, I got nuthin’. It’s fun in an “inside joke” kind of way. Expect webisode 2 in Spring. 😉

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