Waffle Mania: Belgian Liege Waffles Are Having Their Moment in Philadelphia

National Waffle Day was on Monday, August 24th. I’m a bit backed up on writing so I missed the opportunity to write about waffles on that day. Let’s face it, though, waffles — specifically Belgian Liège waffles — are kinda “in” right now and Philadelphia is catching on.

Liège waffles, also known as “sugar waffles,” come from the streets of Belgium. They are made with rich, yeasted dough and pearl sugar that caramelize when baked. Unlike their American counterparts, they are dense and cake-like. They can be topped with anything (chicken, ice cream, etc.), but they are really meant to be eaten with your hands as-is; no syrup needed, the caramelized pearl sugar make them perfectly sweet enough on their own.

The Liège-style waffle craze has really caught-on in the Philly area. Savvy food entrepreneurs noticed the lack of genuine Belgian waffles in the city (since Bonte closed) and filled the void quickly. Here’s where you can find Liège waffles in our area:

Waffles & Wedges

Waffles and Wedges Philadelphia

The ladies behind Pbon’s Fresh Phood truck opened Waffles & Wedges at 1511 Pine Street in 2014 with an emphasis on waffles and potato wedges that you can customize pretty much any sweet or savory way you desire. Proteins, fruits, veggies, condiments, candy — the possibilities are endless. In addition to a basic Liège-style waffle, they also have a gluten-free and “boring” waffle option. Don’t waste your time with the boring waffle.

Foolish Waffles

Foolish Waffles Food Truck Philadelphia

The Foolish Waffles food truck has been rolling and serving sweet and savory waffles since 2013. You can find them throughout the city at places like LOVE Park, The Oval, and vending at specials events in the region. They offer fun Liège-style waffles such as: “Sweet & Salty Waffle” which is topped with mascarpone whipped cream, black pepper bacon toffee, salted caramel and Maldon smoked sea salt and the “Caramel Apple Crisp Waffle” which is topped with honey roasted local Honeycrisp apples, mascarpone whipped cream, salted caramel and oatmeal crisp. You can also customize your waffle with a variety of toppings.

La Liegeoise Waffles

La Liegeoise Waffles

La Liegeoise Waffles is the new kid on the waffle block. They are a Liège-style waffle cart business based out of South Jersey. They opened a cart in the new Gloucester Premium Outlets in Blackwood, NJ and next week (September 1st) they will be available in the Cherry Hill Mall. They also have a Florida location. Their menu offers at least 9 decadently topped waffle options like the Chococaramel Cream Dream Waffle and Nutty Nutella Banana Cream Waffle. Talk about over the top indulgence! Can’t wait until they open in the Mall.


Want to enjoy delicious Liège-style waffles in the comfort of your own home? You absolutely can. You may remember that we featured and reviewed Waffatopia last month. Since then the West Chester-based company has seen explosive growth thanks to the first episode of Great American Food Finds on the Food Network. You can find them at Farmers Markets and Special Events throughout the area, too.

Are you a fan of Liege waffles? Did we miss any places where you can get them? Let us know!

6 thoughts on “Waffle Mania: Belgian Liege Waffles Are Having Their Moment in Philadelphia

  1. You can also get Liege sugar waffles at Hobbs Coffee in Swarthmore, PA where they are made fresh on most Saturdays (10 – noon). Unfortunately they often sell out by Sunday. See “Waffles for Tourettes” on Facebook for details.

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  3. yes you forgot Nina’s waffles & Ice cream!!
    best of philly 2014(magazine)
    locations in new hope,doylestown,sergeantville,Princeton and a fleet of trucks available for any kind of events.
    made from scratch with imported pearl sugar and scratch premium ic cream.

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