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Tall Ships 2015: Camden Waterfront Food Trucks

Philly Grub is fortunate to work on the Camden Waterfront in the Ferry Terminal Building so when the Tall Ships Philadelphia Camden Festival, sponsored by Visit Philadelphia, opened today, we were free to roam the Festival because it basically took over our parking lot on the Camden Waterfront Promenade.

Tall Ships Camden

Tall Ships Philadelphia Camden kicked off Thursday, June 25th. Here’s the view from the Camden Waterfront. Notice the Ferris Wheel!

As exciting as the Tall Ships and that big Rubber Duck are (sorry, no duck picture), we were just as excited to experience the eats and drinks part of festival.

Tall Ships Camden Food Festival

Food Trucks, Food Carts, and a Beer Garden were set up on the Camden Waterfront Promenade for Tall Ships Festival 2015. This was shortly after they opened the gates. Admission $10.

Many food trucks and food vendors were invited to take part in the Festival on both sides of the Delaware River Waterfront. However, admittance to the Waterfront to gawk at the ships and roam along the river is $10. Parking for the event is said to be $15-$20 depending on the day. Tomorrow will be a Dave Matthews concert at the Susquehanna Bank Center, too. So keep that in mind.

Tall Ships Philadelphia-Camden Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel on the Camden Waterfront Side of Tall Ships Philadelphia-Camden

There’s going to be fun for the whole family, including a big Ferris Wheel on the Camden Waterfront.

But, like we said, the main attraction for us were the food vendors. So without further adieu, here are the food trucks that were on the Camden side today. I’m not sure if this is their permanent locations for the entirety of the festival, so keep that in mind of you decide to check out the Camden Waterfront side of the Tall Ships Festival.

Tall Ships Camden Festival Food Philly Pretzel Factory

The usual “Festival Fare” with Philly Pretzel Factory Food Truck.

Just like any festival, there is true “Festival Food” including hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, french fries, crab cake sandwiches. This food stand also featured fruit smoothies and fresh squeezed lemonade.

The Philly Pretzel Factory food truck showed up. It can’t be a Philly event without Philly soft pretzels. Holla!

Tall Ships Camden High on the Hog BBQ

Food Vendor High On The Hog BBQ will be on hand to quench your BBQ hunger.

We were disappointed to see that the BBQ vendor was not open when we were strolling the food area. We probably would have ordered a Carolina-style pulled pork sandwich; alas, they were still setting up when we got there.

Chickie's and Pete's Food Truck

Local Favorite Chickie’s and Pete’s Food Truck was serving their famous Crab Fries.

As tempting as Chickie’s and Pete’s “crab fries” were, we moved on.

PJ Whelihan's Wing Truck

P.J. Whelihan’s was on the scene with their Wing Truck.

We love P.J. Whelihan’s. But their Wing Truck just wasn’t in the cards for lunch today. It spoke to us later when we had dinner at P.J. Whelihan’s Haddon Township location. Heh.

The Cow and The Curd Food Truck at Tall Ships 2015

The Cow and the Curd brought their batter-fried cheese curds to Camden NJ!

It was exciting to see The Cow and The Curd in Camden, NJ! They are very popular on the food truck circuit. My lactose-intolerant ass just couldn’t do it. Sorry guys.

Best Darn Kettle Corn Food Cart

Bristol, PA’s Own The Best Darn Kettle Corn was there for your gourmet kettle corn fix!

While we were walking over to the food vending area, the Best Darn Kettle Corn people were out in force handing out free samples. While their gourmet kettle corn rocks, it just wasn’t lunch material for us. But thank you!!

Gozen Yogurt Food Truck

Gozen Yogurt offering frozen yogurt yummies at Tall Ships Camden.

It was nice to see a Frozen Yogurt food truck on location. Philly’s Gozen Yogurt was holding down the cool treats fort in the Camden Waterfront Promenade.

Kona Ice Shaved Ice and Ice Cream Truck

Kona Ice Shaved Ice and Ice Cream Truck at Tall Ships Camden.

Not to be outdone by Gozen’s cool treats, Kona Ice was there for your flavored shaved ice and ice cream needs.

PB and U Mobile Food Truck

PB and U Mobile Food Truck was offering their artisan nut butter creations in Camden.

We just saw the PBandU Food Truck at Whole Foods Market Cherry Hill’s 1 Year Birthday Party. They really get around! While we heard good things, it didn’t speak to our appetite. Next time, we promise. 😉

Seoulfull Philly Food Truck

Seoulfull Philly Food Truck at Tall Ships Camden 2015

Our pick for the Tall Ships Camden Food Truck festival was Seoulfull Philly Food Truck. It all sounded great, but in the end we went with the SeoulBQ pulled pork sandwich. Which, according to their website, is a traditional homemade BBQ sauce infused with Korean flavors, smothered over slow-roasted pork, topped with a cucumber and cabbage slaw.

Seoulfull PhillyKorean BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

Seoulfull Philly’s SeoulBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

While this sandwich was tasty, it didn’t offer the “Korean flavor” I was looking for. I was expecting more spiciness and heat from the BBQ sauce, and more tangy-ness from the slaw. But I found neither. Perhaps it was just my sandwich. It was good, but I might pause to order it again, or ask for more spicy sauce to be added.

Whether you’re going to the Tall Ships Philadelphia Camden Festival to see the tall ships (which you should, they’re awesome) or to see the big Rubber Duck, you should totally check out the food options in the festival portion of the event. We’d love to hear what you had and what you thought!

This is an exciting event to come to the Delaware River Waterfront. We’re very lucky. 🙂

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