Local Foodie Gifts

Local Philadelphia Foodie Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is almost here. If you still haven’t gotten anything for Dad, here are a few local foodie ideas.

Di Bruno Bros. Spicy Basket

Di Bruno Bros. Spicy Basket

Di Bruno Bros. Spicy Basket

This gourmet food basket by Di Bruno Bros. has Dad’s name all over it, especially if Dad is a spicy fan. While not all of the food products in this basket are local, it contains spicy treats such as Nduja Artisans Spreadable Salami, Brooklyn Brine Damn Spicy Pickles, Renard’s Sriracha Cheddar, A&B More Heat Pepper Sauce, Di Bruno Bros. Abbruzze Spread, and Di Bruno Bros. Hot Chili Pepper Crostini.

Price: $59.99

Order online on their beautifully designed new website. Depending on where you’re at, you’ll probably get it by Father’s Day.

Hawthorne’s Growler Club

awthornes Philadelphia's Growler

Hawthornes Beer Cafe Growler Club

If Dad loves beer, this is a gift he’ll love! Buy a Hawthornes growler and you will be enrolled in their Growler Club. Fill it 20 times and the 21st is on them!

Price: Bottle is $10 & its yours to keep.

Just drop by Hawthornes Beer Cafe at 738 S. 11th Street in Philadelphia.

Side Project Jerky

Side Project PHO Jerky

Side Project Jerky

If Dad is a beef jerky fan, he’ll love Side Project Jerky. It is “jerky for gentlemen” after all. According to their website, Side Project Jerky which is made in Philadelphia, was “born in the kitchens of work colleagues Marcos Espinoza and Mark Novasack and ultimately conceptualized over a few pints with the help of brand strategist Daniel Olsovsky, Side Project offers its customers a pause from the demanding life of a gentleman.” Marcos is also known as Fidel Gastro on the blogosphere. Flavors include: Pho, Mongolian, Southwestern, and of course Cheesesteak.

Price: A 2 oz. package will set you back $9.00.

Order online here. Unfortunately, they can’t guarantee delivery by Father’s Day but you can pick up product at the following stores in the Philadelphia area: Green Aisle Grocery, COOK, Tela’s Market, Art and the Age, Trove General Store, among others around the country.

Brine Street Pickelry

Brine Street Pickelry

Brine Street Pickelry

Give the gift of pickles to Dad. Mmmm pickles. The cleverly-named Brine Street Pickelry is a Philly-based small-batch pickle maker. According to their website, “A couple years back, our Head Pickler was enjoying some Bloody Marys down in NOLA when he had a delicious pickled green bean. And he liked these beans so much that he wanted to try making them on his own. So he came back to Philly and began experimenting in his kitchen lab on Brine Street, mixing and matching the freshest local ingredients around. And thus, Zing Beans were born.”

Price: 7.00-8.00

Order online here.

Rival Bros. Coffee

Rival Bros. Coffee is a Philadelphia-based coffee roaster

Rival Bros. Coffee

Dad loves coffee. Scratch that, Dad needs coffee to put up with you. Heh. Rival Bros. was born in the city of Philadelphia from proud natives and lifelong friends, Jonathan Adams & Damien Pileggi.

Order online or visit their coffee bar at 2400 Lombard Street, Philadelphia, 19146. The coffee certainly won’t rival his love for you.

Philly Cow Share

Philly CowShare and PigShare

Philly CowShare and PigShare too!

Is Dad a serious beef or pork lover? You might want to consider joining Philly CowShare & PigShare. A CowShare is a bundle of beef that includes cuts from various sections of the cow. A PigShare is a bundle of pork that includes delicious options for both quick dinners or slow-roasted meals.

Learn more about cow and pig sharing here. Prices listed per family household size.


Biltsharp Philadelphia Knives by Adam Balkovic

Biltsharp Handcrafted Knives in Philadelphia

Is Dad a fan of exceptionally artisan handcrafted sharp knives? Well then, Philadelphia-based Biltsharp will be right up his alley. Biltsharp is the handiwork of Philly’s master knifesmith Adam Balkovic. Unfortunately, all of his products are sold out according to the website, so anything you order will likely have to be back-ordered or custom-ordered and likely not in time for Father’s Day.

But… they are worth a mention because wouldn’t Dad look ultra-cool cutting up his Philly CowShare with an epic custom-made knife? Knives rock and these are worth the wait and price. Besides, we throw our support behind Adam, a former Di Bruno Bros. cheesemonger, who is living his dream making custom knives for chefs and knife-lovers everywhere. Good for him! Shop local.

Gluten-Free Treats from Brûlée Bakery

Gluten Free Fruit Tart

Gluten-Free Sweet Treats by Brulee Bakery.

Does Dad have a sweet tooth? Is Dad GF/gluten-free? Brûlée Bakery has gluten-free tarts, cakes and muffin packs for your gluten-free Dad.

What other local foodie gifts would you recommend for Dad? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list!

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