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Local Vittles: Full Spirited Flavours Liqueur Cakes

Full Spirited Flavours Liqueur CakesWhen the people behind Full Spirited Flavours Liqueur Cakes reached out to inquire if I wanted to try their liquor-infused cakes, I don’t think there was a moment of hesitation. I love cake, I love liquor. Period. Sweets or alcohol will probably be the death of me someday.

Anyways, when I learned they were a suburban Philadelphia area (Schwenksville, Montgomery County, PA to be exact) small batch baked goods company, I was more excited to try them. Simply because I love supporting local companies and bringing awareness to food entrepreneurs in the Philadelphia area. I understand how difficult it is to start your own business. Small business owners need all the help they can get! Not to mention an opportunity to indulge my sweet tooth – which is always welcome! So we arranged for them to send samples of their junior cakes.

The cakes arrived quickly after I responded affirmative; within a couple of days. Even though I was eager to try these sweet and boozy cakes, I did not open the box up the same day. It was tempting, but we had plans to dine out that evening so the unveiling of the liquor cakes would have to wait until the next day.

When the next day came, I excitedly opened the box and was delighted by the whimsical and cheerful packaging. The logo with the colorful bubbles and sparkling font evoke a festive feeling; which I’m sure is the goal. Having images of the cakes on the box is a smart touch and gives you a preview of the delicious sweet treats inside. Remember folks: we eat with our eyes first! They also have a description of each cake on the box, too. That’s handy and further builds anticipation of the product.

full spirited flavours packaging

Now that the “introduction” was made, I was ready for these booze-soaked treats to meet my mouth.

full spirited flavours junior cakes sampler

Full Spirited Flavours Junior Cakes Sampler – from bottom left: Coconut Mango Rum, Limoncello, Chocolate Razz, and Amaretto.

They come individually wrapped in plastic. Which is a very good thing because, check out out the package in the upper left corner, these cakes are super moist! In fact they are a bit on the sticky side. On the website they say, “Should there be any extra liqueur syrup in the package, pour over cake before serving.” We only had that issue with one of the cakes. The rest were drenched just enough.

Okay, so the packaging is nice and they look good. Let’s cut to the chase. How do they TASTE?

full spirited flavours mango coconut rum cake

Full Spirited Flavours Mango Coconut Rum Junior Cake

While these “Junior Cakes” are small (3-4 bites max) they pack in a good bit of flavour; for instance I could really taste the rum in the Mango Coconut Rum Cake. It was prevalent, but not overwhelmingly so. I didn’t get much coconut flavor, though. Perhaps there’s more coconut flavor in the full-sized cakes? The mango is in the form of dried mango pieces on top.

Full Spirited Flavours Amaretto Cake

Full Spirited Flavours Amaretto Cake

The next junior cake we imbibed on was the Amaretto Cake. I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest amaretto fan so this one wasn’t my overall favorite. I could definitely taste the Amaretto; it was “damp” with the liqueur flavour. Surprisingly, these cakes hold up without being too wet, dense or cloying, which is a testament to the finesse of the bakers. I’m sure they went through many trials and errors before getting the recipe just right.

The 3rd junior cake we tried was the Chocolate Razz. We had that one later at night and forgot to snap a pic. As chocolate lovers, we enjoyed it, but it didn’t stand out as remarkable. The raspberry liqueur was there, but this one seemed a bit drier than the others. It’s not a bad thing, but it just didn’t drive us as crazy as we thought it would – being the chocolate-crazed people we are.

full spirited flavours limoncello cake

Full Spirited Flavours Limoncello Cake

Finally, the Limoncello Cake. Utterly scrumptious! This limoncello-soaked cake with white chocolate pieces inside and crumb topping was, by far, our favorite. Perfect combination and balance of flavor and texture. We would definitely order a full-size cake in this flavor.

If you’re looking for a unique cake for a special, or any occasion, we highly recommend ordering one of these booze-infused cakes. Founded and run by 3 entrepreneurial sisters from Montgomery County – Carole, Kathy, and Sue – Full Spirited Flavours is local eats that is Philly Grub-tested and approved.


Cake Fixes Everything – Indeed! So does booze – just sayin’!


If you order these, let us know what you think and, of course, tell ’em that Philly Grub sent you! Enjoy!

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