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honeygrow opens in Ellisburg Shopping Center in Cherry Hill

honeygrow cherry hill ellisburg shopping center

honeygrow is finally open in Cherry Hill NJ – yay!

Philly-based honeygrow finally opened their doors in the Ellisburg Shopping Center in Cherry Hill on Monday April 6th. They had previously planned for a Fall 2014 opening, but interior revisions caused delays. The Cherry Hill store is the local chain’s 4th location; their 1st in New Jersey. Plans are for them to open another NJ store in the summer of 2015 in Hoboken.

honeygrow’s menu puts the spotlight on local vegetables, seasonings and proteins so it’s friendly to veggies and carnivores alike, not to mention those with food restrictions or sensitivities. There are vegan and gluten-free options. Quite simply, healthy options for everybody.

The menu offers tantalizing stir-fry bowls made with high quality ingredients. Choose from 6 suggested options or create/customize your own bowl using custom-made noodles, rice or lettuce. Proteins include roasted organic tofu, cage-free egg, naturally raised pork, free-range chicken, naturally raised beef or roasted shrimp. All stir-fry bowls come with your choice of 3 vegetables (more than 3 is .35 extra) and a signature stir-fry sauce. Daily made sauces include sour cherry BBQ, sesame garlic , lemon-miso-tahini, red coconut curry, smoked oyster, and spicy garlic.

honeygrow cherry hill nj

Word got out – lots of people were checking out the new honeygrow in Cherry Hill for dinner.

If a stir-fry isn’t your thing, try one of their salads on for size. Choose from 6 suggested salad options or build your own salad with a selection of fresh veggies and proteins such as roasted shrimp, free-range chicken, baked tempura chicken, crispy bacon, roasted organic tofu, avocado, hard boiled egg, cheeses or freshly made whole wheat noodles. All of these proteins are extra and add to the base price of $6.50 for a salad bowl. So be cognizant that you can end up having a $15 salad if you pile on the extras. Just sayin’.

Salad dressings all made in-house daily include: roasted garlic balsamic vinaigrette,white balsamic vinaigrette, green goddess, cilantro jalapeño ranch, citrus basil caesar dressing, honey ginger scallion vinaigrette, sriracha tahini vinaigrette, and roasted strawberry miso vinaigrette.

Dessert comes in the form of a “honeybar.” A honeybar is a delicious snack using fresh fruit, a garnish and a local honey ranging from wildflower, buckwheat, or clover. You can add homemade whipped cream (,50 extra) and garnishes including coconut flakes, honey granola, dark chocolate chips, crushed candied cashews, and Pequea Valley Farms maple yogurt. Just 2 garnishes come with the $5.45 base price – so choose wisely or your might end up with a $7 snack.

Rounding out the menu are beverages that include their signature kale’atta smoothie which is kale, banana, pineapple and mint all blended up. They also have fountain soda – but certainly not Coke or Pepsi products. I can’t for the life of me remember what it is, but I think it was the best darn diet cola I ever had.

It was a bit chaotic in there simply because the place was hopping for dinner. Obviously word has gotten out and people had waited long enough. We really dug the self-ordering kiosks and the ability to pay right there without having to go to a cashier. The wait wasn’t too long. Since there were no seats available at a table, we had to sit at the bar by the window in front of the cashier which was a bit cramped, but fine.


A Sour Cherry BBQ pork stir-fry bowl – delicious!

Since it was our first time at any honeygrow, we decided to go with stir-fry bowls. I opted for the sour cherry BBQ (which is on their suggested menu) and he went with a custom bowl consisting of beef, mushrooms, kale, and some other things with the smoked oyster sauce.

We both enjoyed our stir-fries very much. They tasted ultra-fresh. The sauces were quite good, except I didn’t get a lot of the “sour cherry” in mine, but it was still tasty. Probably because I mixed tamari and Sriracha sauce together and poured that over it. Sriracha makes everything better, eh?

Two stir-fry bowls and 1 fountain drink set us back about $20. Not awful, but don’t expect your bill to be cheap especially if you decide to customize.

Next time we go back, which will be soon, we will definitely try one of the salads and a honeybar.

Based on our first visit, though, we definitely recommend the new local goodness that is honeygrow.

588 Kings Highway North
Ellisburg Shopping Center
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

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