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5 Myths About Irish Whiskey

Tullamore Dew cocktailFine Wine & Good Spirits was generous enough to share 5 myths about Irish whiskey with me so that I can share with you. They also have a lot of Irish whiskey cocktail ideas on their Pinterest page.

Myth #1: Irish whiskey and Scottish whisky are the same.

  • In addition to the spelling variation of whiskey (remember: if the country of origin has an “e,” so does its whiskey!), Irish whiskeys are produced and aged no less than three years in Ireland or Northern Ireland.
  • Traditional Irish whiskeys are usually distilled three times instead of two, and they lack the intense peat/smoke influence found in Scotch whisky.
  • Good Irish whiskey flavors can be peppery or woody, with a spicier flavor and oily texture found in more traditional variations.

Myth #2: Irish whiskey is best served cold.

  • Purists claim Irish whiskey actually tastes best at room temperature to avoid muting flavors.
  • If preferred cold, try using chilled whiskey stones to avoid diluting the drink.
  • Adding a drop of room temperature water brings out new flavors and aromas.

Myth #3: Irish coffee is the only way to mix Irish whiskey.

  • Although the most popular, there are dozens of ways to enjoy Irish whiskey. For a simple flair, pair with ginger ale, a wedge of lime, cranberry juice and cola.

Myth #4: Dark colored whiskey indicates a higher quality whiskey.

  • While most whiskeys darken as they age, some remain light. Others may also have darkening agents added to them.

Myth #5: The length of bottle time determines the age of the whiskey.

  • Unlike wine, whiskey does not mature once bottled, meaning the age of whiskey refers to the period of time between distillation and brewing.
  • In the U.S., labeling laws require a statement of age of any whiskey that is less than four years old.

Exciting products to look out for this St. Patrick’s Day:

I asked Pam Bernd, Fine Wine & Good Spirits’ Chief of Product Management, some questions about the sales of Irish Whiskey in Pennsylvania.

Out of the list of popular whiskeys, what is the best-selling Irish whiskey at Fine Wine & Good Spirits?

Our best-selling Irish Whiskey is Jameson Irish Whiskey 750 ml, code 7303. Right now, Jameson Irish Whiskey is on sale for $24.99, plus a printable coupon for $2.00 off a bottle or $5.00 of 2 bottles available on our website.

Do sales of Irish whiskey spike around St. Patrick’s Day?

In a word, yes.  In 2013 and 2014 the week including or leading up to St. Patrick’s Day was one of the highest volume weeks for Irish whiskey, rivaling the highest sales periods of the year in late December.

Irish whiskey seems to be catching on more and more as retail sales were up 22% in gallons in calendar year 2014.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Drink responsibly… stay away from green beer. Drink Irish Whiskey!! 😉

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