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Christmas Kitchen Loot

Our kitchen was blessed with some great new additions this Christmas. Here’s what we got:

New Cookware!

Hubby and I remodeled our kitchen this past summer, but we did not buy a new cookware set. We have a bunch of random and cheap pots and pans that have seen better days. So this gift of a new cookware set was an absolute necessity!

emeril-all-clad-stainless-steel-cookwareThis Emeril All-Clad Stainless Steel Copper cookware set does not get the absolute best reviews, but I take reviews with a grain of salt. I think most complaints stem from the fact that people simply don’t know how to cook. I would have preferred a Calphalon or Cuisinart set, but I’m sure these will serve us well.

Pressure Cooker!

OK, we admit, we were drawn in by the infomerical for the Power Pressure Cooker XL. Neither of us have any experience pressure cooking, but the thought of shaving off cooking time on some of our favorite meals was rather alluring. The infomercial made it looks so easy and safe!


We’ve already put this to use and it worked just like it said it would. We roasted a 5 lb. whole chicken in 30 minutes. It was tender, juicy, fall off the bone delicious. Looking forward to trying a pot roast next! I might actually get into canning, too.

Immersion Blender!

This is the gift that I am most excited about. I have always wanted an immersion blender. When I opened the package and saw this Kitchen Aid 3 speed hand hand blender, I literally squealed with delight. Seriously. I went a little nuts but hey, this is an essential kitchen tool as far as I’m concerned. It’s going to ensure smooth, creamy soups and purees. I’m also excited about the chopping capability!

kitchen-aid-immersion-blenderPestle & Mortar!

Yet another gift I got very excited about. Never had a pestle & mortar before, but know how important they are especially when working with fresh herbs and spices. This handsome granite mortar & pestle is by Jamie Oliver. Did a little reading up and I will definitely have to season it before using it. Anybody have any tips for doing so?

pestle-and-mortarFrench Press!

We threw out our old manual drip coffee maker when we bought our Keurig coffee maker, but I miss the taste and aroma of brewing ground coffee. Additionally, I have a Cuinsart grinder to grind coffee beans that hasn’t been used since we got the Keurig. I didn’t want to buy another small appliance that we simply don’t have the room for and I’ve always been a fan of french pressed coffee, so a French Press was added to my wish list. So I’m pleased that I received this IKEA French Press.

IKEA-french-pressDid you receive any new fun kitchen gadgets for Christmas? I’d love to hear what you got!

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    • It certainly won’t fit in the kitchen. Good thing we have a “mud room” in the back of the house where miscellaneous appliances can be stowed away. 😉

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