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Bed Bath & Beyond World Market Cherry Hill NJ

We recently visited the Bed, Bath & Beyond in Cherry Hill and were delighted to find a gourmet food emporium inside. They call it the “World Market” and that’s just what it is — a market of specialty foods from around the World!

image: Bed Bath & Beyond Cherry Hill NJ World Market

A gourmet specialty food market right in Bed, Bath & Beyond? Yup!

You can literally find distinctive food products from just about every regional cuisine — Asian, Southeast Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Italian, Mexican, etc. Many countries are represented with imported food & drink products; some of which you can’t find anywhere else locally.

You’ll find a nice variety of meats and cheeses, pasta and grains, condiments and sauces, spices and seasonings, flavorings, cooking oils and potions, soups, meals and meal starters, jams and spreads, cookies and cakes, candy and chocolate, coffees and teas, specialty sodas and beverages, and food gifts. It’s quite impressive how much they fit into a relatively small space.

In addition to being impressed by the variety, we were pleased to see that most items were reasonably priced, too. We really didn’t see anything that was too outrageous or gave us sticker shock. Let’s put it this way – nothing was priced out of the ordinary. It’s all either comparable or even less than Wegmans or Whole Foods.

You won’t find fresh foods such as any produce, fruits & vegetables or frozen items here. It’s all non-perishables with the exception of cheese; most of them are aged, vacuum-packed and do not need immediate refrigeration.

Here’s what we got on our 1st visit:

image: food products from Bed Bath Beyond World Market Cherry Hill NJ

Snacks & condiments for around $25. The salames were quite reasonably priced.

image: Dr. Oetker Chocolate mug cake

For when I ABSOLUTELY must have a piece of cake!! 🙂

We didn’t take a picture, but the sheer amount of specialty sodas they carry is mind-boggling. I’ve never seen so many different root beers in my life! If you love retro and gourmet sodas, you’ll love the selection here. It’s not really our thing, but some of them are so cute & kitschy that I was very tempted to grab a few. Maybe next time!

If you’re in or around Cherry Hill — perhaps shopping at Wegmans or Whole Foods? — it’s worth a trip into the Bed, Bath & Beyond to check out the World Market inside. If you’re a foodie like us, we’re quite sure you’ll find something you like in there! 🙂

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