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The Next South Philly Foodie Meetup

The first South Philly Foodie Meetup at Pho Ha on Wednesday, October 13th was a success. 9 out of 11 RSVP’s showed up. All but 1 foodie had Pho. Everyone was pleased with the food & the company, and asked when the next one would be. I’m really into the idea of doing Italian. With so many great options around here, I figure I’d survey those interested so I have an easier time deciding where to do it.

Yelp reviews:

Villa di Roma
Ralph’s Italian Restaurant
Dante & Luigi’s
Cucina Forte
Di Vinci Ristorante
Nina’s Trattoria (So new there are no Yelp reviews yet!)

Suggested date: Wednesday, November 10th

UPDATE: Replaced Mamma Maria’s with Di Vinci Ristorante.

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