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Bucks County Hemp Farm Partner Shares Personal Story

Over a short span of just 3 years, the Sugar Bottom Hemp Co. in Bucks County has grown a premium quality hemp crop and produced a superior line of CBD products, including edibles and drinkables, all with Certificates of Analysis (COA) documenting the contents and levels of active ingredients.

Since most of the initial sales and marketing of the Sugar Bottom Hemp products has been one-on-one at farmers markets and other public facing events in the Greater Philadelphia region, as well as online with highly responsive customer service, regular input and feedback from consumers has been overwhelmingly positive and enormously gratifying to the company.

Being a true seed to shelf venture driven by local entrepreneurs with established track records in a variety of business categories, this grassroots affirmation (including hundreds of testimonials) of Sugar Bottom Hemp has been an essential element of the rapid growth of the brand.

Stephenie Harris of Sugar Bottom Hemp Company in Bucks County, PA

According to Stephenie Harris, a founding partner and head of farming operations and product development at Sugar Bottom Hemp, “At the risk of being prosaic, our mission has always been consumer driven.”

For Stephenie, though, this has always been more personal. Not only is she a Bucks County native who grew up on a farm just over the hill from Sugar Bottom Hemp’s headquarters, but the relief provided by hemp products have become a central to the ongoing care and treatment of her spouse who suffers from an acute case of early onset dementia.

“This has not simply been about business for me,” says Stephenie. “The tragedy of the condition afflicting the brilliant love of my life, has been the undercurrent of my work at Sugar Bottom Hemp.”

While it isn’t a cure, she admits, CBD aids her partner’s overall wellbeing which she says, “has been life-affirming,” and propels her to keep doing the work every day on the small batch hemp farm in Furlong, just outside of Doylestown, PA.

The work at Sugar Bottom Hemp is done to the highest and most rigorous standards because the mission is helping people. The hemp grown on the farm is not only compliant with all State and Federal laws required to grow hemp, but also contain no pesticides, chemicals or harmful additives, and is thoroughly tested and verfied by third parties before release.

“With skepticism about the benefits, Sugar Bottom Hemp has held true to the values of historic farming traditions of Bucks County,” says Stephenie of being trusted members of the community and leaders in innovative, sustainable farming.

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