Guest Post: A Rose’ by Any Other Name…

Guest post by Michael DeMartinis, Fine Wine & Good Spirits Wine Expert

Whether you call it rosé, blush or pink wine, if you aren’t drinking some this summer, you’re missing all the fun!  The rosé segment of the fine wine industry is the hottest trend right now. It seems we can’t keep the bottles on the shelf this summer!

While we’ve been seeing increased demand for rosé year-round, its pink hue and nice chill set the mood perfectly for summer grilling and activities. Rosé is an unbelievably versatile beverage, available in many styles, from dry to sweet, still to sparkling, expensive to affordable and, of course, in a variety of shades of pink!

Almost every region is producing a rosé style of wine these days, but the most popular ones hail from the Provence region of Southern France. Rosé can also be made from various grape varieties. The most popular are Grenache, Syrah and Pinot Noir, but you will also find rosé made from Mourvèdre, Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon, and others.

Start discovering the amazing cast of rosés below. They’re sure to be this summer’s biggest hit!

Be in the Know!

Domane de la Bastide Blanche Rosé Bandol 2016 │ $21.99
Without question, rosé from Provence in the South of France is what everyone is clamoring to drink this summer.  The appellation of Bandol, near the coast and east of Marseille, is known for producing rosé characterized by spicy and earthy flavors. Predominantly Mourvèdre with close to equal parts Cinsault and Grenache, this wine is made from hand-harvested, organic grapes.

Be Daring!

Charles & Charles Rosé 2016 $12.99
This is an American rosé from Washington State.  The fruit from Washington State is intense, ripe and refreshing, all while being an amazing value.  This is a great wine to try at your next BBQ!

Be Adventurous!

Argiolas Serra Lori Rosato Isola dei Nuraghi 2016 │ $12.99
This is a sleek wine from the Italian island of Sardinia. From its piercing bright pink color to the wonderful berry cocktail flavors on your palate, this wine is sure to be a hit and will show you’re ready for something new and interesting.  Give it a whirl!

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