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Behind The Blog: Ptah Gabrie of Philadown

This week’s featured “Behind The Blog” Philly food blogger is Ptah Gabrie of Philadown.

Ptah Gabrie of Philadown

Meet Ptah Gabrie of Philadown – keepin’ it real in Fishtown

Ptah Gabrie
Blog Name:
Blog URL:
Blog Focus:
My Blog is mostly food and restaurant reviews. I have one music feature on there, but everything is pertaining to Fishtown and the immediate surrounding neighborhoods.
Launch Date:
Why did you start blogging?
I live in one of the most up and coming neighborhoods in Philadelphia. I have many innovative restaurants serving world class food and drink at my door step. I was an out of work writer and photographer, so I just began writing about what I ate. I’m a total foodie, so I love going out and trying new restaurants. I also love cooking.
What do you like best about blogging?
I prefer the freedom to write about whatever I want. I only answer to myself, and I love hearing feedback from friends.
What platform do you use?
How do you promote your blog?
I promote through Facebook, Twitter and Google Circles.
Do you write all of the blog posts yourself?
What are your favorite/most popular blog posts?

What is your favorite “foodie” or food blogging experience so far?
I recently wrote an article about a farm to table in Kensington. They buy a lot of stuff from a community farm a couple blocks away, so my entire meal and experience happened in a neighborhood where farming and farm to tables are highly uncommon.
What are your favorite cuisines/meals/recipes?
I like Sushi a lot, but I really like pub food. A great sandwich will win me over for sure. I love cooking especially in the summer time on my grill. If I’m cooking my friends are coming over. They know.
What are your favorite Philly area restaurants?
Bar-Ly, Interstate Draft House, Lloyd, Murph’s Bar, New Deck Tavern, Cedar Point just to name a few. I have favorites all over the city.
Who are your favorite Philly area chefs or food business personalities?
I really like Jose Garces. He has done great things, Francesco Bellastelli at Murph’s Bar is doing amazing things there. He’s serving authentic Italian food at an Irish bar.
How often do you go out to eat at Philly area restaurants?
2-3 times per week
How often do you cook at home?
Almost everyday
What are your favorite stores/shops/markets to shop for food products?
Reading Terminal, La Finquita Produce Stand, Thriftway, Palm Tree Market
Tell us a few things you think our readers would find interesting about the local food scene.
There are so many people in Fishtown opening new restaurants all the time. The food scene here rivals that of Center City because a lot of those great chefs are moving out here for financial and personal reasons.
Tell us more about yourself.
I’m a carpenter, mason, musician, and lover of urban gardening in addition to being a journalist. I write for a small newspaper in Fishtown. I really enjoy cover topics relevant to my community, especially if they are food related.
What other food blogs do you follow?
Foobooz, Eater Philly, Philly Foodie
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Thanks Ptah. We’re glad there are people like you who have a finger on the pulse of the burgeoning Fishtown food and restaurant scene. There’s definitely a lot of cool things happening there and we’re sure we ain’t seen nothing yet!

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