ICYMI: Shake Shack’s Chicken Sandwich Debuted Today
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ICYMI: Shake Shack’s Chicken Sandwich Debuted Today

Introducing the Chick’n Shack by Shake Shack The Chick’n Shack, Shake Shack’s debut chicken sandwich, landed on all U.S. Shake Shack menus today. The Chick’n Shack is crafted from a cage-free chicken breast slow-cooked in a creamy buttermilk marinade, hand-dipped into Shack-made batter, dredged through seasoned flour and crisp-fried. The Chick’n Shack is topped with … Continue reading

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Chicken Marsala

You can never go wrong with chicken marsala – especially if you’re on a budget like my new housemate Gloria and I are. She snapped this pic before digging in. P.S. I moved yet again – to the wilds of South Philadelphia. In the “Newbold” neighborhood. It’s not quite a foodie paradise right here, but … Continue reading


Pasture Raised, Oven Roasted Chicken

Sometimes it’s the simplest foods that can bring a smile to your face. Oven roasted chicken is one of those things!  A quintessential rustic meal fit for… anyone who enjoys chicken. 🙂 Kate picked up half of a pasture raised free-range grass-fed chicken from Mountain View Poultry Farm at Clark Park Farmer’s Market the other … Continue reading

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Quick Note: Trader’s Joe Pasta

On my last trip to Trader Joe’s, I noticed they had Sprouted Wheat Pappardelle Pasta.  I love me some pappardelle pasta, but never tried sprouted wheat pasta before.  I figured what the heck.  I made it tonight along with a delicious chicken marsala.  The verdict: overall, not bad. Definitely edible, had a hint of sweetness … Continue reading