Spoiler: Chef Chad Rosenthal Beat Bobby Flay
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Spoiler: Chef Chad Rosenthal Beat Bobby Flay

Chef Chad Rosenthal of The Lucky Well and Motel Fried Chicken appeared on the Food Network Channel’s Beat Bobby Flay where he successfully beat Bobby Flay in a fried chicken cookoff on the “Fancy Pants” episode. Chef Chad initially beat out Chef Brian HillĀ of Florida in a tofu cooking contest. Chad beat Brian by making … Continue reading

West Philly

Booby Flay’s Burger Palace apparently a go in West Philly

I almost threw up in my mouth when I first read this over at Meal Ticket (originally posted by Grub Street Philadelphia). Like Phoodie says, all I gotta say is NO. Marilyn JohnsonFood enthusiast. Travel lover. Social media maven. Independent Journalist. Food marketing/PR expert. https://original.newsbreak.com/@marilyn-johnson-1587690 https://phillygrubtrips.wordpress.com/ Email: phillygrub@gmail.com phillyfoodmarketing.weebly.com Continue reading