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A Year in Crepes at Charlie’s Crepes in Merchantville

Charles and Lisa Koory of Charlie’s Crepes in Merchantville, NJ

Crepes are a delicacy that many people enjoy all over the world; as it becomes ever more popular, eateries catering to the delightful treat are popping up. One such place is Charlie’s Crepes in Merchantville, NJ, which I finally had the chance to try out. 

Inside you will find a small seating area and a layout which makes it feel like a “quick bites” restaurant. However it is not, and you will quickly learn that the owners are very welcoming, and foster an environment where you feel like you’re a long-time friend in for a visit. As for where to enjoy your meal, the best seats in the house are on the outdoor patio. There’s a hammock to lounge in, interactive games to play, and on certain nights—live music to enjoy.

So as I listened to some jazzy blues being played by musician Barry Hollander, I enjoyed one of the savory crepes made by owner co-owner Charles Koory.

Charlie making his famous crepes

It was filled (and I mean FILLED) with chicken that had clearly been made by scratch. On my palate I could discern that the chicken had slowly simmered away in a sauce which had hints of wine, pepper, and garlic in it.  The crepe’s flavor profile was further distinguished with the addition of asiago cheese and an abundance of portobella mushrooms in it—making it hearty and very filling. 

A delicious savory crepe at Charlie’s Crepes

Koory, who creates all the sweet and savory menu items, then drizzled a roasted red bell pepper emulsion sauce on top. It added a last layer of flavor before he handed the large crepe to me, with a happy and humble smile on his face.

Chalkboard Menu at Charlie’s Crepes

Although the entire time I was there I had been eyeing up the dessert options, I was too stuffed from his Chicken and Portobella crepe to indulge further. Which also means a guarantee that I will be back for more!

As luck would have it, owners Charles Koory and Lisa Ciacciarelli Koory will celebrate their restaurant’s one-year anniversary on May 18th! So it’s a perfect time to check them out—they will offer a special deal: buy 2 of their savory crepes and receive a Banana Nutella for free! In addition to all that delicious food—they will also have musician John Rossi playing to help you revel in the festivities! 

If you want to try out Charlies Crepes, you can either come out to their one-year anniversary celebration for a terrific deal, or find them on Instagram, Facebook, and by going to I hope to see you there!

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